Hello…I’m a shortly, almost 5’2 and I started my weight loss journey when I reached 165. When I was 165, I felt awful…heavy, zero energy and nothing looked good on me…I began to feel depressed and very insecure. I would try diets here and there but nothing ever seemed to stick. I knew I needed to make a drastic change as this wasn’t working for me…at all. I will share my personal testimonials throughout this blog if you have interest 🙂 Fast forward to now, I’m HALF WAY through my weight loss journey. I’m currently at 144 (as of Sept 11, 2014). My goal is to be 125! It’ll happen, I’m powering through!

I try to get two hours of working out per day. Here’s me spending the lunch hour walking / jogging (don’t want to get too sweaty at work) I do intervals of 2 minutes of power walking, 30 seconds of jogging for 45-50 minutes.

Keep on – Keepin’ on!

lunch break


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