Welcome to my  blog! This is so exciting!!! I’m SO thrilled to connect with like-minded people out there in the world!

My life passions include:

MUSIC! (LOVE outdoor concerts, I’m a huge DMB fan!) my fiance is a very talented musician as well which we spend a lot of weekends a venues, check them out – The Morning Kings and his rock band, Social Soundtrack. He’s the singer 😉

FOOD: Who doesn’t just simply enjoy food? I sure do, I consider myself a ‘foodie’ and enjoy whipping up a good meal for Drew, family, friends, co-workers….myself…you name it. I aim on the side of clean eating, non-GMO, lots of greens and limiting my meat intake. It’s not always easy, but I try to my best!

MEDITATION: Meditation entered my life exactly when I needed it. I was struggling with controlling my anxiety at work. I have been feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated for the work I was doing (needless to say, I’ve long left that position) but, the main point was that meditation got me through a really tough time. I’ll be sure to post on this at some point…might need to fight through some tears…but it’ll be good to get off my chest. It became such a strong “connection”, that I couldn’t stop. It’s now part of my daily life. I encourage you to try!

OILS: Where do I even begin here? There’s SO much I can say about Young Living Essential Oils. I have endless testimonials and I’ve only been using for 6 months… it’s insane. I hope someday that everyone has essential oils in their homes. I loved how I could cure a headache with peppermint oil, calm my anxiety with lavender, and lose weight with grapefruit oil….. I couldn’t help but become a distributor when I felt this passionate.

LIFE: I feel as through this moment in life I have become a magnet for all things great… I’m so fortunate to start planning a wedding, recently being promoted at work, falling in love more and more everyday to my fiance, surrounded by wonderful friends and family to share this journey….. trying to slow down and take ‘mental snap shots’ of this moment in time…. feels fantastic and I’m so grateful for each day that I get to be on earth.

That’s a mini look into my life….. NOW, I look forward to connecting with so many of you out there in the world!!!  Lets connect and talk about “Life” 🙂

put down the sugar

concert time2




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Self discovery through yoga, meditation, essential oils, threads, nosh and live music.

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