Golden Mango and Quinoa Salad with Lentils, Shaved Coconut and Crispy Cumin-Shallots


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mango, lentil and quinoa salad by food to glowThere is a definite autumnal feel to the air up here in Scotland. The sun is out on this bright unseasonably chilled August day, but it holds little warmth. I don’t know about you but today, walking to a friend’s house, I had to turn back and pop on not only a jacket, but a scarf too. My hands were also chilled, but I couldn’t bear to dig out the gloves so in my pockets they went. Perhaps it is time to put the fan back in the garage…

With my ‘thin’ Florida blood I know I feel the Scottish cold more than most people my age (I have had chilblains in June!), but I can’t quite give up on salads just yet. Certainly not this warm one. I have been transitioning into soups and bits on bread (more on that soon), but salads are still on the menu here at food to glow. At least…

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Green Passion Smoothie + Froothie Optimum 9400 Reviewed

Love this!!!

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green passion smoothieIt has taken me awhile to getting around to posting a review of my Froothie Optimum 9400 blender. Not because I haven’t been using it – far from it. I have been using it most every day for one thing and another – smoothies (of course), dips and spreads, soups, desserts, nut milks, nut flours, sprouted grain/seed flours, nut butters, and even ice cream (well, frozen yogurt). So, yes it has been getting a bit of a work out.

Being a fairly methodical person I really wanted to make sure that I had run it through its paces before I passed on my assessment. And I wanted to do a couple of side by side challenges against my Vitamix to see how my two machines compared.

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Why I thought Essential Oils were a HOAX!

I’m sure you’ve seen a recent post on Facebook or maybe you’ve heard of them from friends but, what are essential oils? My friend, let me tell you! Essential oils have been around for THOUSANDS (they’re even referenced in The Bible 188 times! a little frankincense and myrrh, anyone?) I’m not surprised that with today’s chemically filled lives, from the food we eat to the products with use daily to clean our homes, we’re aching for more holistic ways to keep our bodies happy and healthy. My personal journey with oils started about 3/4 years ago. I had been researching holistic ways to combat the anxiety I was experiencing while at work. I found numerous posts on the benefits of lavender and I thought it would give it a whirl. I looked around to find the best deal and actually found a kit for $20 with all the basic introductory oils and thought, SCORE! Got them home and immediately filled up a bath and dropped in 5 drops of lavender. Within maybe 4 minutes, my entire back was covered in red itchy blotches, it felt like my skin was on fire and it was awful, to say the least! I later read more reviews on the oils and the company (which will remain nameless) and actually found that I wasn’t the only personal that had happened to! How awful is that? How can companies like that be allowed to sell contaminated oils? The problem with shopping for oils on amazon is, you simply DONT know what you’re going to get. The bottle I received must have been filled with chemicals, perfumes, additives and dyes that reacted so strongly with my skin I completely broke out. So, you’re probably asking yourself, why am I so excited about essential oils after that? Well, I will admit, I thought it was a true hoax after that experience. I threw away the box I purchased and laid off any oils for another 6-7 months until they began to pop up in conversation, my newsfeed, Pinterest, etc… Which made me frustrated that I didn’t experience the true ‘healing’ powers that everyone else was expressing. I began to dig a LOT deeper and researched the top two companies, DoTerra and Young Living. There is so much information out there on both companies and without going into too much detail, I knew Young Living was the right company for me. They’ve been around the longest and they have the seed-to-seal promise (more on that down below) What are essential oils anyway? Essential Oils are extracted through careful steam distillation, but also through cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful and effective than dry herbs, delivering quick and effective results. Here is a quick Young Living YouTube video on how they get in those glass bottles:

See what I mean? Amazing isn’t it! I started actively using Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) about 6 months ago now, I now use them every-single-day and share many of my personal testimonials online.. From dropping all of my sleeping medication, losing weight and stopping a migraine… I’m a true believer!!! I trust in these oils so much that I actually became a YL Distributor (beyond my extremely busy full time job). I’m so lucky to have my own team called, One Drop to Zen. We’re a fun and active private group on Facebook. If you’re at all interested in joining the team, send me a message or request to join the group on Facebook here: Come swing by and see what it’s all about. I’m extremely passionate and can’t wait to share more testimonials with you!

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Put down the sugar…pick UP the oils!

Good Evening Everyone,

I can’t believe it’s a mere 40 degrees tonight… Fall is upon us. As much as I love this time of year, it means Winter is right around the corner… Sad… Anywho, tonight I came home with a splitting headache after work. I forgot to bring my oils with me to work today so I couldn’t wait to get home to apply peppermint oil to my temples (video here). Upon two seconds of walking in the door, I had the oil applied and laying on the couch. I set an alarm for 30 minutes and closed my eyes hoping for the best. Upon waking, the headache had subsided. 6 months ago, in the same scenario, I would have taken two Aleve and a 30 minute nap. The difference? Aleve would wreak havoc on my stomach after taking but I would tell myself, “This is what I need to do to get rid of this headache” and now, knowing what I’ve learned and experienced from Young Living essential oils, I’ll never touch Aleve again. Why help one issue just to open myself up to another?



After waking up from my little snooze, I reached over to our coffee table and picked up a magazine. I found a section on sugar in our diets. Did you know that Americans consume 45 GALLONS of sweetened beverages a year? What??? That’s non-sense. Sugar is MAKING US FAT! IT’S MAKING US SICK! Now, I love sugar – who doesn’t right? It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling like sitting in front of a fireplace, snuggling with your favorite cup of hot chocolate….yeah…. but then that moment is over and you’ve just consumed 200+ calories. No wonder I wasn’t losing weight before (more on that in my Fitness section).  I have a better solution; add YL Lemon and Tangerine to your water! It’s so refreshing, quenches your thirst and puts that sugar ‘gotta have it’ feeling at bay. If you’re like me, I LOVE to have something sweet after eating a meal. I now reach to my Lemon oil water and that feeling subsides! Give it a try….  Remember: You can only consume YL Essential oils, they’re the only brand that’s therapeutic grade allowing for you to ingest. All other brands CAN contain perfumes, dyes and/or additives. Stay safe friends

If you’re at all interested in adding oils to your life, let me know! I’m a Young Living Distributor and would love to add you to my very active Facebook group, One Drop to Zen!  Come stop by, it’s a private group so you’ll need to request. I’ll approve your entry 🙂

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Welcome to my blog! I feel like a brand new baby!

My FIRST blog post! Here we gooooo! I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. I find true admiration of those that blog daily on topics that they’re passionate about! I knew it was time that I got rolling as quite honestly, I felt like there were so many topics going on my brain that I need to get them written down! In this blog, you’re going to find see my journey through my late 20’s, planning an upcoming wedding, fitness, my LOVE for essential oils, clean eating, travel, DIY projects, my CAT (Sydney) and Fiancé, Andrew! Thank you for checking-in and I hope to connect with many of you out there in the world!

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